Welcome to Kradle 2 Krayons Long Day Care Centre

We look at Kradle 2 Krayons Long Day Care Centre as a diverse family. We believe children feel safe and secure to grow, learn and discover. As a family within our community we encourage all families to take an active part in our centre and your child’s time here.

We look forward to meeting with you. Should you have any queries, please contact our Centre Directors or our Nominated Supervisor and they will endeavour to assistance to you.

We aim to provide....

  • Age appropriate learning programs which reflect individual needs and interest
  • A happy, non-threatening environment,
  • The opportunity for the children to make decisions regarding their activities during the day (within limits),
  • Positive role models to all children,
  • Security and predictability through daily routines,
  • Flexibility within the program that allows us to meet individual needs,
  • Activities that reflect a variety of cultural ideas,
  • A wide physical environment that encourages freedom and independence in the children’s plan,
  • The opportunity for children to participate in activities and excursions outside the centre,
  • Opportunity to explore their environment through creative activities,
  • Activities that will foster children’s self-reliance and self-esteem,
  • A program that will help meet the needs of children with additional needs,
  • To instil and encourage learning to be fun,
  • To encourage more input from parents in their children’s day to day learning,
  • Interesting and enjoyable activities that will provide a challenge to natural curiosity,
  • Opportunities that will assist children to fully participate in programs and be treated without bias regardless of disability, gender, religion, culture, family structure or economic status.

Child Care Subsidy: For information on child care subsidy please click on the link below that may help you.



Kradle 2 Krayons
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