Talking Parrots

Aged 3 - 5 years

Room Leader: Taylor Vaughan: CERT III, Diploma training

Assistant Educator: Justina Abadier: Eearly Childhood Teacher

Assistant Educator: Ami Marks: CERT 111

Trainee: Razika Ali: Aquiring CERT 111

Our Talking Parrots program cater to the needs of our 3-5yrs old. In this program, children continue to engage in free play base learning, however, there are structured parts of the day where activities are planned in rearing children for school. These include; early literacy, language, numeracy, science and technology. The staff work hard to promote small and large group experiences and strengthen the ability to develope social and live long skills.

In the Talking Parrots program, our morning routine is based around structured parts of the day and our 'school readiness' program is embedded into our short group times.