Our Learning Environments

Kradle 2 Krayons have 3  different rooms to cater to children's various stages of development. Click on the room links below for more information about each room.

Busy Bees

6 wks - 2 yrs

Flying Butterflies

2 yrs - 3 yrs

Talking Parrots

3 yrs - 5 yrs

Busy Bees

Our Busy Bees program caters to children ages 6wks-2yrs. Our aim is to provide a loving and nurturing environment for our young children. Primarily, our focus is to ensure each baby develops a greater sense of who they are, and that they gain confidence in their own ability to respond to reciprocal relationships, strengthening a further sense of belonging.

Our program is design to respond to the non-verbal cues of our babies and identify those magical moments of developmental milestones, which occur at a young age like; rolling over, crawling, pulling themselves up and walking. In addition to this, all children's needs are tailored to each individual, respecting families input and their immediate needs.

Our curriculum is based on free play base learning, responding to spontaneous individual and group interests. Each child is given a portfolio which indentifies milestones and learning interests that supports devleopmental growth.

Flying  Butterflies

Our Flying Butterfies program supports children who are 2yrs-3yrs. During this time, children in this program are supported closely by teachers in devleoping language as a positive tool to communicate their needs and wants. Teachers work extensively to support their chidlren in expressing themselves in a positive way; learning to share, negotiate and work in small/large groups.

Children in the Flying Butterfies program respond to consistent strategies that guide and support toddlers in devleoping an awareness of appropriate behaviours. Children are guided through ways to deal with specific emotions and gain the ability to be able to deal with challenging behaviours and respond in a positive way.

Our 2yr olds also become more independent in reaching specific develomental milestones such as toileting, identifying their own bodily needs, and become responsible for own personal belongings and learning self help skills. During this time, teachers identify interest through a spontaneous play base learning environment and their curriculum and programing is evident of this. 

Talking Parrots

Our pre-school program is designed to enrich children's lives by promoting and facilitating learning opportunities and experiences. Our play based learning curriculum is designed for meeting the immediate needs of all children and supports their growth and development. Our school readiness program is embedded into the daily program and teachers work endlessly in ensuring to meet the developmental needs of our 3-5yr program. On-going individual planning is shared for teachers to be able to support each and every child.

More structured opportunities provide experiences that cater to 'what a child knows' and how an adult/teacher can plan and scaffold for future learning opportunities .Teachers identify each child as being unique and that learning through play is heightened by their interest in their immediate environment. To support this teachers will engage in more complex learning opportunities, through discussions that provoke thoughts and idea. Teachers and children work closely together to encourage and extend social competencies of each child and that each individual child has a voice.

Before and After School Program

Our Before and After School program runs from 7am-9am and 3pm-6pm, Monday to Friday. This program provides opportunties for those families who need additional support in the mornings and after school. It is a program that provides children with the opportunties to prepare themselves for school ensuring they take responsibilities for their learning day. We provide breakfast in a quiet and organised way where morning cereal and toasts are offered. A free play base learning evironment is essential to encourage children to become more responsible in their learning, growth and development.

The Before and After school program is overseen by a teacher who is working towards a Diploma qualification and holds a current drivers license. The teacher will also be responsible to transport children to and from venues with the support of the Centre Supervisor/Director if needed, either by the Centre Bus or a 5min walk. Our minimum teacher child ratio is 15:1 in Centre per session, or ratio 1:8 if walking to or from school.

The morning and afternoon teacher will ensure that all children are supported with their homework and will be availible to all times, however, relaxing and engaging in quiet free play will also be part of these sessions.

The teacher will also document a morning and afternoon program, highlighting activities that were available and the intentional support given to children with homework.

Vocational  Program

Our Vocational care runs during the school holidays. It is availiable to all families in our community and will run from 8am-5pm each day during the school holidays. Permission is essential to the Centre so that children enrolled in Vocation care can leave the Centre on pre-organised days where children will embark on excursions predetermined to meet the needs and interest of our children. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea will also be provided by the Centre for those in-service activities.

Early enrolments are essential to secure a placement and Vocation Care program can be viewed 4 weeks prior to term break in our Before and After program.