Management of Kradle 2 Krayons comes from a back ground where they have experience at managing childcare centres in the past. They are very passionate about providing a safe and nurturing environment for children, in addition to supporting families and their immediate needs. It has been their love and passion, for their own children, that has inspired them to be part of a growing sector.


Kradle 2 Krayons is blessed with the staff who have been in the industry seem to all enjoy working here, considering this place as their second home. Staff have loving and nurturing relationships with our children and their families. We have a range of teachers with whom learn, support and guide each other to providing the best learning environment. 

We boast to say that we have Early Childhood Teachers, Diploma holders, CertificateIII holders and enthusiastic trainees every day on site.


-We at Kradle 2 Krayons aim to provide the highest quality care and education in a clean, safe, happy and stimulating environment.

-We believe that children and families have the right to be treated equally regardless of race, gender, class or religion.

-Educators at Kradle 2 Krayons honour and respect cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices within our service.

-We ensure classroom curriculums support and identify anti-bias attitudes and include multicultural experiences which promote greater understanding of other cultures.

-We believe the early years are a vital stage in a child’s life and children have the right to receive high quality education that lays the foundation for future learning.

-We believe in providing a strong play-based learning philosophy that is focused on children’s development and growth, and their strengths and interests.

-We recognise children as involved learners who are encouraged to explore their environment, make decisions and contribute to their classroom curriculums.

-Our play-based programs are implemented by early childhood staff to support learning in all areas of the indoor and outdoor curriculum.

-Our learning environments provide places where children are given the opportunity to explore their interests, construct their own identities and understandings of the world around them.

-At Kradle 2 Krayons we believe in a sustainable environment, and the importance of teaching children about sustainability while working within a co-constructing environment.

-At Kradle 2 Krayons we believe in encouraging all staff, children and their families to be environmentally responsible and show respect for our environment and resources.

-‘We recognise that parents are a child’s first teacher and believe in building and working in partnership with all families to support their child’s needs’

-We understand the importance of families within a child’s life and strive to create secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with family members.

-We encourage and welcome family involvement and are committed to working with families to create high quality learning environments for their children. 


Kradle 2 Krayons supports nationally approved Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) ensuring that the fundamentals of the framework is based on children Belonging, Being and Becoming. (inform booklet can be obtained at the Centre and in each program)

EYLF focuses on learning through play where each activity is linked to dispositions and 5 relevant learning outcomes which tailored to the holistic developmental of children at an early age. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide meals ?

Yes, we provide all the meals and guidelines are followed from Government’s initiative of Munch and Move program, which encourage healthy eating habits in children. Kids Gourmet Foods caters to our needs and provides alternative foods and options to all children's requirments. 

We have a kitchen hand that prepares all foods to each program for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Is your centre open during the Christmas Period ?

Yes, we are open 52  Weeks/Year except public holidays, and or pupil free days, so you need not worry if you are working as well during the holiday period.

Do you provide Before, After and Vacation Care ?

Yes, we do provide Before, After School and Vaction Care programs.

We would suggest that parents book early to secure your place in all 3 programs due to the demands of these programs.

Do you have a school readiness program ?

Yes, we do have a separate School Readiness for the children who will be going to school in the near future, as we believe it is important to assist with their transition to ensure a smooth transition. However, additional opportunities are embedded into our daily Pre-school program to encourage children who are 3-4yrs to; early literacy, developing social competences through more structured group times, and further independance.